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Latest Projects

Benton Project

For this project Lawn Works installed a total of 300 feet of drains, wrapping around 3/4 of the customer’s home in Pearl MS. 150 feet of the drain is French drains feeding into solid pipe that empties on both sides of the customer’s house at the street. Rainbow river rock on top of the French drain is truly a show stopper.

Furr Project

Lawn Works installed a total of 216 feet of drain for this customer in Madison MS, who was dealing with a pool runoff from a neighbor’s yard. We tied in all gutter downspouts. All water now empties at the street in front of the house, and the time for the yard to dry out has gone from days to hours.

Bennett Project

This customer in Clinton MS was dealing with a massive amount of incoming water originating from multiple neighbor’s yards. The solution was multifaceted, including a catch basin as well as a French drain, both of which feed into a closed pipe and exit under the customer’s fence. To finish off the project we also installed sod, straw, and natural stone edging.

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The French Drain: A Smart Investment for Homeowners


As a homeowner, one of your primary concerns is safeguarding your property against potential water damage. Rainwater, runoff, and even groundwater can pose a threat to your home’s foundation, causing expensive repairs and compromising its structural integrity. In this regard, the installation of a French drain emerges as an ingenious solution to protect your investment and maintain the long-term health of your property. This article explores the reasons why installing a French drain is a good idea for homeowners, outlining its benefits, functionality, and overall impact on property value and peace of mind.

Understanding the French Drain

A French drain, also known as a weeping tile or sub-surface drain, is a time-tested drainage system designed to redirect water away from a property’s foundation. It consists of a perforated pipe surrounded by gravel or crushed stone, which facilitates the movement of water through the pipe while preventing soil and debris from clogging it. This effective drainage system alleviates the risk of water pooling around your home, protecting it from potential water damage and maintaining a dry basement or crawl space.

1. Mitigates Water Damage

Water damage is a homeowner’s nightmare, and it can wreak havoc on a property’s foundation, causing cracks, erosion, and even mold growth. By installing a French drain, you can actively combat water infiltration and mitigate the risks associated with flooding, ensuring your home stays dry and structurally sound during heavy rainfall or snowmelt.

The drain’s efficient design diverts water away from the foundation, thereby preventing excess moisture from penetrating basement walls or crawl space areas. This, in turn, helps protect the overall integrity of the structure, preserving its value and extending its lifespan.

2. Prevents Basement Flooding

Basement flooding is a major concern for many homeowners, and it can lead to substantial property damage and loss. A French drain acts as a reliable first line of defense against basement flooding by channeling water away from the home’s vulnerable lower levels. When properly installed, the drain system intercepts and redirects surface and groundwater, keeping your basement dry and mold-free, thus creating a more habitable and healthier living environment.

3. Improves Landscape Drainage

Besides protecting your home’s foundation, a French drain can also play a vital role in managing water on your property’s landscape. Poor drainage can lead to waterlogged lawns, soil erosion, and the death of plants and trees. By strategically installing French drains in problem areas, you can ensure that excess water is efficiently carried away, preventing damage to your landscaping and preserving the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor spaces.

4. Increases Property Value

Home improvements that enhance functionality and protect against potential issues naturally increase property value. The installation of a French drain can be an attractive feature for potential buyers. When a prospective buyer sees that your property has a reliable drainage system in place, they gain confidence in the property’s overall condition and its resilience against water-related problems. As a result, a French drain can be a selling point that sets your home apart from others in the real estate market.

5. Low Maintenance

French drains are known for their low maintenance requirements. Once installed, they function passively, relying on gravity to direct water flow. Unlike many other drainage systems, French drains do not rely on mechanical or electrical components, which can break down over time. Routine inspections and occasional clearing of debris from the grate or opening are generally all that’s needed to keep the system running smoothly.

6. Eco-Friendly Solution

French drains are environmentally friendly, as they promote the natural movement of water. By allowing water to percolate through the ground, French drains help recharge groundwater levels, contributing to the overall health of the local ecosystem. Additionally, the use of gravel or crushed stone as backfill provides a permeable surface that encourages water infiltration, reducing the burden on municipal stormwater systems.


Installing a French drain at your home is a wise investment that offers numerous benefits for homeowners. From safeguarding against water damage and preventing basement flooding to improving landscape drainage and boosting property value, the French drain system provides a reliable, low-maintenance solution that ensures the long-term health of your property.

By proactively addressing potential water-related issues, you not only protect your home’s foundation and structural integrity but also create a more appealing and valuable property. Embrace the peace of mind that comes with a French drain installation, and rest easy knowing that your home is fortified against the